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Movement, Meditation, and Breathwork for Musicians

Kimberly Hankins is an RYT200 Yoga Instructor specializing in Yoga for Musicians, Vinyasa, Buti Yoga, and Merge: The Practice. She runs membership based online studio called The Aligned Musician through Patreon [app available on iphone and google play] where she offers live classes, as well as an extensive video library, for musicians and anyone wanting to deepen their yoga practice.

Kimberly started teaching movement, functional anatomy, and injury prevention classes specifically for musicians in August 2019, when she co-founded the Movement for Musicians workshop series at Arizona State University. She is a RYT200 with over 100hrs of continuing education, a Level 1 Merge: The Practice Instructor, and has a special interest in pranayama (yogic breathing practices).

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The Aligned Musician Workshops

I offer workshops to musicians that combine knowledge of functional anatomy with a movement practice.

This combination is so effective because:

  • Correcting proprioceptive reorganization of functional anatomy has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of injury, especially from Repetitive Stress.
  • Functional anatomy makes it clear how the body is actually supposed to move.
  • Knowledge of functional anatomy increases your level of awareness. This greatly improves coordination and reduces the risk of injury.
  • I take you through functional anatomy in a way that reduces stress and is informative.
  • After building the foundation of understanding functional anatomy and developing self awareness, we then focus on something completely different -so that you practice awareness while your attention is focused elsewhere. The idea is to train your mind to be aware even when you're in a stressful performance situation.
  • Yoga is the perfect practice for this, because it has been proven to reduce the rate of injury in musicians, and it focuses the mind. 
  • Merge is built upon yoga, but is a mobility practice that works more into the fascia. As a result you improve your posture and everyday movement.


Email: for more information, or to book for a workshop.