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The Aligned Musician Workshops

I offer workshops to musicians that combine knowledge of functional anatomy with a movement practice.

This combination is so effective because:

  • Correcting proprioceptive reorganization of functional anatomy has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of injury, especially from Repetitive Stress.
  • Functional anatomy makes it clear how the body is actually supposed to move.
  • Knowledge of functional anatomy increases your level of awareness. This greatly improves coordination and reduces the risk of injury.
  • I take you through functional anatomy in a way that reduces stress and is informative.
  • After building the foundation of understanding functional anatomy and developing self awareness, we then focus on something completely different -so that you practice awareness while your attention is focused elsewhere. The idea is to train your mind to be aware even when you're in a stressful performance situation.
  • Yoga is the perfect practice for this, because it has been proven to reduce the rate of injury in musicians, and it focuses the mind. 
  • Merge is built upon yoga, but is a mobility practice that works more into the fascia. As a result you improve your posture and everyday movement.


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