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Thank you!

Thank you so much for signing up for a lesson or violin/viola setup session! I'm looking forward to working with you and helping you with your music making in whatever way I can.


Please be sure to:

- Submit payment for our session/lesson or lessons at least 48hrs ahead of time. You can do that conveniently through my website: Let me know if there is an alternate way you would like to deliver payment. My email is:

- Be sure to review the Studio Policy if you just skimmed through. Here is the link again, just in case:

- Get your materials together in preparation if we are having a lesson! I do have a decent music library, but I don't have everything. It is so helpful to email me a PDF of whatever you are working on in advance so I am able to best help you.

- Ask questions! If there is anything you need from me, don't hesitate to reach out.