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  • Blandine Calais-Germain, ‘Anatomy of Movement (Revised Edition)’

  • Blandine Calais-Germain and François Germain, ‘Anatomy of Voice: How to Enhance and Project Your Best Voice’

  • Barbara Conable, ‘What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body’

  • Barbara Paull and Christine Harrison, ‘The Athletic Musician: A Guide to Playing Without Pain’

  • Institute of Medicine, National Research Council, Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education and the Panel on Musculoskeletal Disorders and the Workplace; ‘Musculoskeletal Disorders and the Workplace: Low Back and Upper Extremities’

  • Stacy McGrath, ‘Performance Anxiety Strategies: A Musician's Guide to Managing Stage Fright’

  • Thomas W. Myers, ‘Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists’

  • Alan H. D. Watson, ‘The Biology of Musical Performance and Performance-Related Injury’


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  • Intermission App

  • Visual Anatomy



  • Musician’s Maintenance

  • The Conditioned Musician


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