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7 Days With The Aligned Musician

This is a completely free mini-yoga retreat specifically for musicians!! [If you are wanting to begin a yoga practice but aren't a musician this can also be a great place to start!]

Each day you will:

  • Learn more about my yoga perspective and why this practice is so incredible for musicians wellness 

  • Have access to an EXCLUSIVE yoga for musicians class, or one that is usually for members only

  • Receive journal prompts for reflection and deeper understanding 

  • Have the ability to connect with other musicians on their wellness journey

  • Have access to five days worth of practice room warmups and take a LIVE class with me on Monday! 10am Pacific Time

  • Ask questions and receive support along the way!


You'll also get my quick guide: Five Wellness Practices for Avoiding Injury! 

I'm so excited to share the next 7 days with you.See you soon!