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Viola Lessons

Viola Lessons


If you are a violist [or violinist!] and are looking to:

  • Overcome pain while playing your instrument

  • Develop tools and strategies for performance anxiety

  • Audition for colleges or local orchestras

  • Just further your abilities as a musician and feel empowered!

Then we might be a great fit!


Lessons can be paid individually, or monthly for a discount.

Drop-in lessons as needed: $80/hour

Monthly [two or more lessons paid for upfront]: $60/hour


Check my availability + sign up for a time here:

30min Lesson:

1hr Lesson:

This will automatically reserve the time, and send you a Zoom link. If we are having virtual lessons, this will be how you will meet with me. If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule, the email you receive will include a link so that my schedule is updated automatically.


*After reserving your time, complete check out. Discount applied automatically for multiple lessons. Please email: for any questions or concerns.