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Want to try a Yoga for Musicians Class? There Are SO MANY Options! [April 2020 Class Offerings]

Posted by Kimberly Hankins on
Want to try a Yoga for Musicians Class? There Are SO MANY Options! [April 2020 Class Offerings]

This quarantine has allowed for all of us to connect in a way that has never happened before! We always had the technology available, but I've never had the ability to take yoga classes with fellow instructors that usually only teach in-person classes!I I realized that right now it's so easy to go online and find a livestream yoga class at any time of the day or night, but finding a class specifically for musicians (or at least taught by a musician) was much more difficult. So I have compiled a list of available online Yoga for Musicians classes! 

I have provided links to each instructor's instagram page (and website in some cases). This way you can check their page for any updates or contact the instructor directly.

I would absolutely LOVE to expand this class offering list and connect with other yogi musicians! If you are seeing this and are also a Yoga for Musicians instructor, or teach a format that is easily accessible for musicians -please let me know! Hopefully I will need to make lots of updates to this page. Let me know if this is a helpful resource for you, and I will continue to publish these lists on a monthly basis.

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*Last updated: April 24, 2020


Livestream Classes

Monday (April 20) at 8:30am [France], Yuko Harmegnies @yukoyogasensei and Delphine Hueber, 'Yoga Breathing for Wind Instruments' [Class is entirely in French]

Monday (April 20) at 11am [London], Kym Vincenti @kymvincenti 'Yoga for Musicians' through @rhythmshack

Mondays at 3:30pm MST or PDT, Kimberly Hankins + Brianne Borden @movementformusicians 'Movement for Musicians' on IG Live and FB Live 

Mondays at 8pm EDT, Joya @joyalovesyoutoo 'Yoga for the Working Body' through @wildemberlovesyou on Zoom: Meeting ID: 947 3816 2616 

Tuesdays at 3pm, and 6pm CT, Rebecca Crenshaw 'Yoga for Musicians' on Zoom: Meeting ID: 358 610 155

Tuesdays at 6pm MST or PDT, Kimberly Hankins @thealignedmusician ‘Restorative’ on IG Live

Wednesdays at Noon CT, Amelia Rosenberger  @musicbodymind ‘Gentle Yoga’ through Arlington Yoga Center’s FB Page 

Thursdays at 3:30 MST or PDT @thealignedmusician 'Yoga for Musicians' (

Fridays at 11am CT,  Miann @miannsurya 'Slow Flow with Music Meditation' on Zoom. Meeting ID: 579-915-7002 Password: ignite

Fridays at Noon CT, Amelia Rosenberger @musicbodymind ‘Flow Class’ through Arlington Yoga Center’s FB Page 

Friday (April 17) at 3:15pm EDT, Shannon McGriggs @funkypuffin ‘Yoga for Young Musicians’ through @ztunes_music

Fridays at 4pm EDT, Brian Ford @brian_atma ‘Kundalini’ through @harinyc.treehouse (

Sundays at 7pm CT, Miann @miannsurya 'Yin with Music Meditation' on Zoom. Meeting ID: 579-915-7002 Password: ignite


Virtual Yoga Retreat

'unify: align with your deepest self' April 20 - May 1 with Claire Howard


Musicians Wellness Retreat

'The Exhale' @theexhalemastercourse April 27- May 10 Click Here to Sign Up


Private Online Yoga Sessions

Kimberly Hankins @thealignedmusician (

Lene Skomedal (

Sudha Subbaraman @sudssub ( also see:


Online Course

'Back to Tune' Four-Week Program with Katharina Nicola Giegling @yoga_for_musicians 


Online Portal

'Embodied Online' ( by Shauna Fallihee @embodiedsinger 


YouTube Classes:

'Finding Your Center' Brianne Borden (@yogaformusicians)

'Music Body Mind' Amelia Rosenberger (@musicbodymind)

'Practice Room Yoga' Claire Howard (

'Quarantine Exercises for Musicians' and 'Tutorial of My Morning Routine' Lobke Sprenkeling (

'The Aligned Musician' Kimberly Hankins (@thealignedmusician)

'Yoga Flow With the Music' Rie Radha (@wellnessformusicians)


Vimeo Classes

'Seated Warmup for Shoulders, Neck, and Spine' and 'Shoulder Warmup' Kayleigh Miller @kayleighmm


FB Classes

'Chakra Chanting and Mantra Meditation Session' Sudha Subbaraman @sudssub 


Phone App

'Intermission App' @intermissionsessions by Elena Urioste @elenaurioste and Melissa White @afroviolinist available on iOS


Books with Yoga Sequences for Musicians

'Yoga for Musicians: A Practical Guide to Using Common Yoga Techniques for Performing Musicians' by Brianne Borden (@yogaformusicians)

'Yoga for Musicians: How to Regain Your Balance, Stay Pain Free and Become More Successful' by Katharina Nicola Giegling (@yoga_for_musicians


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