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Physical Wellness for Musicians

Posted by Kimberly Hankins on
Physical Wellness for Musicians

My last blog post on available online Yoga for Musicians classes was so successful, that I wanted to do something for the larger Musicians Wellness community as well. These services are all specifically for musicians, and are excellent resources. This covers fitness, physical therapy, and somatic exercises for musicians. Just like my last post, I would absolutely LOVE to expand this list as much as possible. Please let me know if there is anyone you would like me to add to this list! 

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*Last updated: May 5, 2020


Livestream Classes

'Online Feldenkrais Lessons' with Emma Alter @themovingbrain

'Online Pilates Lessons' with Anna C. Sukly @annacsukly Wednesdays at 10am and Saturdays at 4pm, Netherlands

'Zoom Virtual Fitness Class' with Mike Schwartz @therealrockdok


Personal Online Sessions

Nicole Brule-Walker @nbwmove (

Dr. Jen Kabbas @tunedandtonedperformance (

Angela McCuiston @musicstrongfitness (

Rusty Osborne @thecoachrusty (See Instagram Page for More Info)

Austin Pancner @the_functional_musician (


Telehealth Physical Therapy 

Opus Physical Therapy with @opus_pt

Dr. Cody Weisbach @musiciansmaintence


Online Course 

'Free Injury Prevention Program' with Dr. Cody Weisbach @musiciansmaintence

'Perform Without Pain Online Academy' with Dr. Rachel White Galvin @mindfelt_methods

'Quarantine Wellness Challenge' with Austin Pancner @the_functional_musician [registration ends May 11]

'The Wellness Starter Pack for Musicians' by Record Union @recordunionofficial


Myofascial Release

'Embodied Online' ( by Shauna Fallihee @embodiedsinger 


YouTube Channels

Mike Schwartz @therealrockdok

'Move Well for MusiciansNicole Brule-Walker @nbwmove

'Music Strong Fitness Training' Angela McCuiston @musicstrongfitness


Instagram Videos (those without a YouTube channel)

Austin Pancner @the_functional_musician

Meghan Ruel @fitforte.injuryfree



'The Musician's Essential Exercises' by Angela McCuiston @musicstrongfitness

'The Musician's Guide to Surviving the Rock Star Lifestyle' by Mike Schwartz @therealrockdok

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