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Movement for Musicians: a Workshop Series at ASU

Posted by Kimberly Hankins on
Movement for Musicians: a Workshop Series at ASU

I'm so excited to be offering this workshop series at Arizona State University (Tempe Campus) this semester, alongside fellow music student and yoga instructor Brianne Borden. We are both eager to share our knowledge and techniques for musicians' wellness. These workshops are designed to teach you more about your own body, prevent common musician-related injuries, overcome performance anxiety, and reduce stress.

Available to ASU students and faculty -and local non-ASU musicians! Workshops are held on Mondays from 3:15-4:15pm in the Nelson Fine Arts Building (across from the Music School) in Studio 122. Nearby visitor parking is available in Visitor Parking Lot 20 and Tenth Street Parking Garage.

Come as you are. All workshops are for all levels and abilities. No experience necessary. We will provide yoga mats, but if you want you may bring your own. The studio has a strict no shoe policy, so expect to be barefoot. You may want to wear comfortable clothes, have something to take notes, and bring a water bottle!


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As musicians, many of us will experience pain from a repetitive stress injury, struggle with chronic pain, or have issues with performance anxiety. A common statistic claims that 87% of professional and 90% of student instrumental musicians will experience a physical playing-related injury at some point in their careers, but in reality the numbers could be much higher. The best thing that we can do as musicians is to treat ourselves as our primary instrument, and prioritize wellness. Tools that have been scientifically proven to reduce risk of repetitive stress injury, reduce pain, stress and anxiety, and improve overall health -are yoga, body awareness, meditation, and breath work. In this 12-week workshop series, you will learn how to have a deeper level of awareness and optimize your ability to perform through body mapping and movement.


Kimberly Hankins is currently a DMA Viola student at ASU and Teaching Assistant for Nancy Buck. She is also a RYT-200 Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, certified in a variety of Yoga and Fitness formats and specializes in Vinyasa, Buti Yoga, Merge for Musicians, and Yoga for Musicians. As a violist she has performed as a soloist and chamber musician throughout the United States, Germany, Luxembourg, and Iceland. Her interest in the benefits of yoga (and other mind-body practices) for musicians, led her to create ‘Movement for Musicians’, originally a yoga-based project that aimed to integrate foundational movement with body mapping. Kimberly uses her knowledge of anatomy and physiology in her approach toward teaching both music and yoga, and strongly believes that awareness is the key to improvement in any area of life.


Brianne Borden currently attends Arizona State University as a DMA candidate in Trumpet Performance, where she served as Teaching Assistant from 2016-2018. Throughout the years, Brianne has competed nationally as both a soloist and an ensemble member, and performed on an international level. She is also an avid freelancer and private studio teacher within the Phoenix valley. As an ERYT-200 certified yoga instructor, Brianne teaches and regularly leads trainings through CorePower Yoga. Brianne melds her two passions and is a devoted researcher in the field of wellness for musicians. She has published multiple articles and created workshops on ways to incorporate yoga into a musician’s lifestyle in order to counteract repetitive motion injuries, battle performance anxiety, and live a healthier life. Brianne is an active clinician and performer, having presented at numerous universities and conferences around the country.


Body Mapping
Body mapping is a term borrowed from Alexander Technique, but is the process of understanding and experiencing your own body. Where the joints move and how the body functions. Understanding functional anatomy in the way it applies to yourself helps develop body awareness, self-correct posture and coordination issues, and allow to teach movement more accurately and effectively. Body mapping has been proven to reduce the risk of injury.


Yoga for Musicians
Did you know? Almost 100% of musicians admit to dealing with performance anxiety at some point in their career. 60% of musicians struggle with musculoskeletal injuries, 12% of which end up quitting.
Yoga for musicians is designed to lower these numbers through movement, meditation, and breathe work. We will will touch on specific breathing exercises, full body exercises, and daily techniques for general wellness and health of musicians. Additionally, the workshop emphasizes commonly injured or overworked parts of the musician’s body and provide techniques to prevent injury or pain and aid in efficient use of that particular area. Yoga for musicians will target performance anxiety and provide movements and breath work to help cope.


Merge for Musicians
Merge is one of the only movement therapies based in Connective Tissue (Fascia), whose main objective is to even out fascial tonus, create healthy and stronger connections, and all while identifying patterns of disconnect. The movement patterns used in Merge target every aspect of our body so we can make global improvements in our posture, and in turn change the way we move.


Deep Yoga for Musicians
Deep is a restorative movement sequence that connects mind to innervated muscle using physical touch and breath-synchronized movement. Using yoga asana as the foundation, this class includes self-massage and pressure point activation to release muscles. Each class ends with a 7min meditation.



Don't have time or you're too far away to attend a Movement for Musicians workshop? Check out my videos at

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