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The Aligned Musician

Movement, Meditation, and Breathwork for Musicians

Kimberly Hankins

Violist in Phoenix, Arizona
Available for Online Lessons, Performance Opportunities, and Collaboration

Musicians, Kimberly is amazing and truly one of a kind. She has helped me so much and her wellness and yoga classes are truly beautiful. I really doubt I would be playing this comfortably if it weren't for her facebook group, livestreams, and classes.

Kimberly is a wonderful yoga instructor and musician. I consistently feel more free, open, and balanced after taking her classes.

Kimberly is super responsive to questions and always tries to find solutions best suited to you. Her expertise is evident in everything she does and she is well spoken in how she explains and demonstrates. Viola lessons with her are productive yet really fun and engaging!

I feel so much more open and relaxed after your classes. They offer the best return on investment for musicians of any yoga class I've taken.

I had a session with Kimberly to do breathwork. On a conscious level, it's very simple. All you have to do is breathe (and maybe let out a primal scream lol) but on an energetic level, it is essentially surgery for the soul. Kimberly made me feel so safe and supported while she held a space for kinda just WHATEVER to happen. It was so massively healing for me.