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Kimberly Hankins

Violist in Phoenix, Arizona
Available for Performance Opportunities and Collaboration

The Aligned Musician

Yoga for Musicians, Body Mapping, Merge, Postural Alignment, Education, Meditation

Yoga Instructor

Vinyasa, Buti, Primal Flow, Deep, Hot Yoga, Merge


Grounding Yoga + Live Improvised Music

Violist + Composer

As a Musician and Yoga Instructor, I provide improvised live music during savasana.

With trusted yoga instructors, I am able to create and perform live music to complement an entire class.

Movement for Musicians

Workshops at Arizona State University on Musicians’ Wellness and Prevention of Repetitive Stress Injury.

Topics include: Yoga, Merge, Postural Alignment, Functional Anatomy, Body Mapping, Breathwork, and Meditation.

Presented in collaboration with Brianne Borden of 'Finding Your Center,' Yoga for Musicians